Public relations content and consulting services designed for North American businesses offered by our Canadian marketing team.

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Public Relations

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We source high-quality media coverage and position your brand for maximum positive coverage.

Public Relations Services

Most businesses don’t have a communications or media strategy team in place to handle their media engagements. However insulated you feel your business may be from media relations, there’s always the chance that you’ll want or need to communicate with the media about your brand and company.

Public opinion can be both a resource and a risk, depending on how you manage it. Our public relations specialists can mitigate potential risks and plan for positive media releases.

The main advantage of using Magnolias Consulting for your public relations needs is having a full-service branding and digital marketing team that is fully familiar with your brand. We are a full-scale digital marketing agency with built-in PR capabilities. Whether we’ve built your brand or were just introduced to it, we can work strategically to position the business so that you’re primed to reach your short and long-term goals.

Our team of professional copywriters and media specialists help clients communicate effectively in engagements like press releases and speeches, social media posts, white papers, articles for magazines and newspapers, and podcast or television appearances. We’ve helped personal brands, politicians, content creators, developers, newly established brands, and local businesses establish positive media relationships.

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