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GreenFox Windows and Doors came to us with an amazing website, well-maintained search engine ads, and a fully unified online presence. But “good” is never good enough when it comes to online marketing; there are always improvements that can be made.

Together, we analyzed business data from both past customers and recent online leads to compile a detailed list of customer demographics. We then helped GreenFox research and cross-examine different postal codes within their operating sphere to identify where they could better utilize their marketing budget. We delivered ads to these regions, including audience building, subconscious touchpoints, and inbound call-to-action campaigns through YouTube, social media platforms, and search engines.

We also began to implement a video and photo strategy to improve the audience retention on GreenFox Windows & Door’s content. Video retention went up 65%, static content 10%, and blog content 200% by changing the approach and offering more value in the content being presented.

Blog content audience retention increased by over 200% by changing the approach and offering more value in each new post. They also help to build credibility and mark your brand as a subject matter expert.

Blog Content Development for GreenFox Windows and Doors

“Having a great online presence does not mean there is no place left to find improvement.” GreenFox strives for improvemnt every months and we expect nothing less. High quality content that provides value is how we help build the GreenFox audience.

GreenFox Windows and Doors Social Media Management by Magnolias Consulting

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