Pano Bar and Grill

Starting a restaurant is no easy task… Pano Bar and Grill started in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic… making it harder. But this challenge was accepted by our team. WE knew that embracing a online and social presence was the only way that the location had a chance to get out and establish a customer base.

So Pano Bar and Grill set out to create a menu and amazing eats. We set out to make a website and brand that was responsive to modern standards. Through a collaborative process it all came together quickly and was launched within 30 days from getting started.

We are proud of the team and impressed with the five-star response the Pano Bar and Grill team is getting from their amazing pizza. This project shows what can be done when you have a great product, combined with a modern presence.

Our first step in this project was to define the brand and simplify the approach. A tight timeline meant that the teams needed to be sure that every brand decision was in line with expectations and goals.

Product is still everything. The Pano Bar and Grill get huge credit for making a amazing and memorable menu that is getting great reviews from customers. This is “keeping” customers and getting them to order again.. and again.. after that first online exposure.

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