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Brand Design

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We take brand design seriously – from research to creating multiple brand package choices. We know the decision to change or create a brand is one of the most important choices any business makes.

Brand Design

At Magnolias Consulting, branding is a topic that comes up often. We don’t just talk about logo placement and brand colours – we’re diving deep into what makes up the essence of a brand to design a complete brand identity.

Our professional branding packages have been created to help businesses at any level create or restructure their brands to better suit their objectives, customers, and products. We can build your personal brand or business brand around specific visual elements you already have incorporated or come up with a new brand identity.

We start with in-depth market and industry research performed by our business analysts and marketing managers. Throughout the process, we’ll run focus groups and do research to find out what makes up your brand. What are the emotions and connections we’re developing through the brand? How can we facilitate those connections through design and content?

From there, we look at the different options for differentiating the brand from competitors, while still appealing to the target audience. Once we have a concept, our team of creatives moves the brand design through various stages of drafting in collaboration with clients. Whenever possible, we offer alternative approaches so there’s a greater range of choice for clients and we can meet their vision.

Whether you need revisions to your current brand or a full rebrand for your business, we’re ready to help you create your brand identity for social media, digital platforms, and print.

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