Social media creative design services by our Canadian team of graphic designers, photographers and videographers based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Social Media Design

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Social media has become the center point of many modern brands, and we believe that every brand deserves social media graphics that showcase their individuality.

Social Media Design

Social media design is an essential part of any brand’s social presence. At a minimum, it’s important that cover and profile photos are consistent with the rest of the brand image. That includes creating and using specific social media brand guidelines (such as specific colour combinations), as well as ensuring special conditions (like image sizing and resolution) are met.

Image sizing is one of the main benefits of having professional graphic designers working on your social media images. For example, the sizing for a Facebook cover photo is radically different than an Instagram post, which changes the type of content that will work best in each type of frame. When you come across a profile with a poorly sized image you can barely make out, it instantly harms the level of quality associated with the brand.

At Magnolias Consulting, one of our main guiding principles for social media for brands is creating a unified brand image across all digital and print platforms. This ensures you’ll get the brand recognition you need to stay top of mind, build trust, and keep people engaged and interacting.

From font colours and font sizes to the types of images and graphics we use, our design tools and experts will carefully craft details of your brand to give it more impact.

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