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employees are the driving force that keeps your business moving

Outsource your hiring team.

Your team of employees is important. Whether you are looking for a temporary contractor or management level full-time candidates, our team can help make the process of hiring easy. Our worldwide database of technical and administrative staff will be used to source strong candidates.


Hiring Solutions


Magnolias human resources department can be utilized to help your business fill its most important need: having a strong, competent workforce. We help the client by offering hiring services in a variety of ways:


Permanent Hiring: Our team will use its resources to search for potential permanent employee hires for your company. 


Temporary Hiring: We search for potential temporary employee hires for your company and can offer our payroll services to help simplify the process if required.


Contract Hiring: Our contractor database includes direct service providers from all industries. We conduct in-depth experience verification checks and interviews to ensure a smooth transition into your companies service.


Management Hiring: Hiring management level employees is one of the most important decisions of any company. Our company will go through its network to search out people that may not be find-able on the typical hiring channels. Our goal is to find a candidate that is both competent but also fits into your organization's corporate culture.


Our database of technical and services individuals extends worldwide. So whether you are looking for a local employee or someone to handle your office on the other side of the world, we can help.


Payroll Management


Internal Payroll systems are costly. They consume a large amount of time and effort to process and keep up with tax implications. Outsourcing your payroll and payroll tax requirements allows you to focus solely on managing your business, let us take care of the rest.


Build your strongest group of employees yet.

Whether you are a small business hiring your 1st employee, or a corporation hiring your 1000th, we have hiring solutions to meet your full-time or temporary hiring needs.