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how our business relocation experts can help


Our relocation experts can help your business expand to almost any location in the world; however, if you are unsure where your next move might be, we typically recommend one of these key expansion countries.

In today’s business environment, expanding internationally is becoming a necessity. It can be complex and overwhelming, but if you plan carefully and take a calculated approach, your business will see benefit in the long run.


If you are an international company, and after having presence in the USA and UK. The next logical step in many cases is to have a Canadian presence. As our business is headquartered in Canada, our business relocation experts can help take you through the process of getting set up, knowing local cultures and picking strategic locations.


The US economy is a complex integrated and largely self-contained market. Every major world industry is represented. In addition, US manufacturers and service companies often seek out resources and components overseas. The US is the third most populated country in the world, leaving a large market to capitalize on. Things to watch for include the many different consumer markets, each with distinct cultures, purchasing behavior, and regulations. Let us help guide you through the process of setting up your USA subsidiary.


The UK is a logical place to expand into for U.S. and Canada companies due to the common language. Additionally, the UK serves as a good first European hub for your business, and can allow you to then expand into other areas in Europe. The UK has also recently approved new and sped up the ways in which to obtain business visas and Inter-company transfers.


China is the world's second largest economy, with a population of over 1.37 billion which is reason enough to consider expanding. The enormous domestic consumption potential of the Chinese population is increasing due to significant government support to improve infrastructure and social welfare.


Hong Kong is a major hub for trading and business around the world. It is the ideal place for sourcing and exporting goods and services to and from China and has a very Western atmosphere. With the Hong Kong port the tradition in international trade, business law, financing is longstanding. Currently, Hong Kong rates the third largest financial center in the world closely behind London and New York.


Like Hong Kong, Australia is seem as one of the easiest and open countries in which to do business. It has a large consumption of consumer goods and a large international presence for trade. Although it does have some unique Human Resource laws to deal with, small shortfalls can be overlooked to the benefit of having a Australia office presence.

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