Canadian Inventory Remarketing and Ad Management services based in Edmonton, Canada.

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Inventory Remarketing

Value Proposition

We work with car manufacturers, dealerships, retail stores, and manufacturers to remarket inventory to established audiences through AI and machine learning technologies.

Inventory Remarketing Services

If someone visits your website and searches for a product but isn’t ready to buy, inventory remarketing can help bring them back into the decision-making process. Inventory remarketing is designed to keep that product in front of your customers in pre-determined cycles based on typical customer behaviour. In other words, we help them jump back into the sales process when they’re most likely to finish the purchase process.

Our media buying team works with clients in the automotive, retail, and manufacturing industries. It’s a particularly useful strategy for customers who tend to shop around and compare options in a single product category, such as when they’re purchasing a new vehicle. We can run remarketing campaigns on many search engines, social media sites, and other platforms to make them more effective.

Our team is motivated to create a full strategy for your campaigns. We employ best practices such as frequency capping and use modern technology for tracking the efficacy of our efforts. Robust machine learning and AI technologies help us dynamically target customers with responsive, dynamic ads that change based on the customer’s behaviour.

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