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New team and success came together quickly: NCS Fluid Handling Systems

January 23, 2017

In the midst of a lower industrial economy, NCS Fluid Handling Systems has found a niche service business that is both thriving and primed for upcoming success.


NCS is able to handle any service related to water management, including but not limited too, hydrostatic testing, well point / standpoint dewatering, sewage bypass, emergency response fire / flood and general systems rentals. Focusing the teams’ expertise on these core services was one of the strategies that NCS deployed, with the net result being tremendous growth throughout 2016, and this growth has carried into the beginning of 2017.



NCS management will be quick to tell you that the success to date in large can be attributed to both the NCS management teams experience and the dedicated work of the strong team of skilled project managers and technicians. The NCS focus is to provide best in class service, without comprise to safety or quality, thus NCS has dedicated extensive start-up resources into development and hiring of the right people with strong skillsets. The NCS team realizes that you only get one chance to make a good first impression so using modern methodology of "take care of your employees first and everything else will fall into place", NCS has been able to built a strong cohesive team, even when the energy sector has suffered deep cuts. This has translated into a return business, great customer feedback, high retention rate, superior safety track record and improved productivity.


NCS has a specific and measurable vision of where they want to take the business over the next two to five years. This mission, composed of several short and medium term goals, has been communicated with managers, employees, suppliers and clients. These communications provide guiding principles to those involved and collectively allow everyone the ability to understand the shared vision. "Using solution oriented cohesive thinking is vital to the success of any business advancing into this new era we find our self in, if the team is disconnected and lacks guidance, it is almost impossible to succeed and advance" said NCS President / CEO, Owen Gilbert. It is this cohesive thinking model that is supporting the vision and aids in NCS growth when other businesses in this industry are struggling.


NCS has combined a niche business, with complimentary strategy, the right team, the right attitudes and a modern take care of business approach leaving us sensing that there is no ceiling on where the business may go.


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