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Nordic Media; Modern Video for Modern Business

August 28, 2017

Nordic Media is a full-service creative, marketing, and video production agency focused on delivering exceptional digital media products with clear results to its clients. Their professional production facilities are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, catering to a range of corporate, cinematic, and independent clients across Canada, the United States, and internationally.



Nordic develops, produces and markets a wide variety of products including corporate brands, commercial production, film & video production, e-learning & training videos.


With society in the age of rapid media growth.  Each day viewers are being bombarded with more advertisements, messages, and content than they could possibly deal with. Still, every brand wants to stand out and engage with their audience; some brands invest in their brand and some do not.  At Nordic, the goal is to create cost effective solutions to help companies commit to brand development, rather then simply sitting on their hands.


"Before we ever press the record button, Nordic Media focuses attentions on your business to create the ideal creative strategy, ensuring your targeted demographic will be impacted by the media we produce." Matthew Altheim, Producer, Nordic


It’s simple.  You have little time, but need a great production plan!  That is where Nordic can help, by sitting down and helping create that plan with you. Creating a modest video, putting it on social media, and tossing in a small advertising budget has never been so easy.


Having the right people and gear is also important.


It takes researchers, writers, and creatives to channel a businesses ideas and passion into a production blueprint. Nordic utilizes the best talent both in front of the camera and behind the lens to create a video that gains brand traction.


Nordic Media also operates with the most exceptional, cutting-edge equipment available and are constantly challenging the status quo to meet new technical challenges presented by clients.


Check out Nordic Medias portfolio, and begin your video production journey, taking your brand to the next level.




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