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video production that builds brands


Magnolias Consulting Group offers video production services operating from our offices in Edmonton, Alberta. Our experienced video editing team, camera operators, animation specialists and audio technicians provide us with a comprehensive basis of video services to offer our clients.


There is so much more to video that happens behind the scenes. The way painters create an image using a variety of strokes and patterns, videographers use filming tools designed to make you feel the vidual impact. There is art in the movement of the hands holding the camera, the angles positioned so the light hits the shot in the right places and the precision of putting together various frames to make something beautiful. 


For brands, the art of making your clients feel something when they make contact with your product or service is truly priceless. It means they’ve formed an emotional connection, which they will share with friends, family and followers to grow your brands trust and credibility.

Every Brand is Moving Towards Video.

Video is an integral part of any online presence. With higher engagement rates and the ability to capture stories in full form, video in the king of content.


Social Media Videos; built with both brand and conversions in mind. Magnolias is Edmonton's social media video experts, with a dedicated team to film, edit and post videos quickly across all your social platforms.


Corporate Introduction Videos; from corporate overviews to interview style to storytelling, our team of Edmonton based videographers, editors and animators are ready to help build video content for your company.


Corporate Training Videos; to keep employees up to date with changes to training policies, standards and jurisdictional requirements. ​


Television Commercials; we are an Edmonton based video production company with a full-service studio to plan, shoot, edit and animate your next TV commercial project.


Service Videos; videos to portray services that are offered by the company to be used in presentations and marketing initiatives. ​


Investor Videos; overview videos that are catered to potential or current investors. ​


Year-in-Review Projects; videos to showcase what your business has done in the year, often played for employees at company Christmas parties or get together. ​


Project Videos; we will follow the process of your projects from start to finish to create a powerful portfolio video to show off to your clients, customers and investors. ​


Drone Surveillance Videos; we can provide aerial surveillance and overview videos via our drone / UAV camera equipment in full HD video. 

Your Brand is your Business.

Whether you are in the startup or exit phases of your business cycle, making brand decisions is never easy. We want to help make the decisions a little easier by sharing expert advise, mentorship and personal experiences. Helping to guide your digital projects.