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building content that stands out for your brand


Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a target audience. It is used to not only bring new traffic to your brand or business, but also to retain current customers by staying fresh and modern. 


For the longest time, and before video and graphic design, content was marketing and in many ways it still is. At Magnolias, we have designated content writers that focus only on this trade. 


Content Marketing involves creating a unified brand with consistent use of language, tone and terminology that is utilized across multiple platforms. This includes: social media, blogs, webpages, press releases and statements, and traditional marketing materials.


Making sure that content is consistent across all of these platforms is crucial for not only SEO, but for building a reputable and trustworthy brand that will withstand the test of modern times. People who regularly follow your content will start to feel a personal connection to your brand, other than just to your company logo.    


Most importantly—content sells. Whether that is selling a product or service, an ideology or philanthropy, content will be your most successful sales pitch. Think through your content strategy and ask yourself what your consumers would want to see. 

Your Brand is your Business.

Whether you are in the startup or exit phases of your business cycle, making brand decisions is never easy. We want to help make the decisions a little easier by sharing expert advise, mentorship and personal experiences. Helping to guide your digital projects.