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how we can help your business grow and evolve


Magnolias Consulting Group offers business consulting and development services operating from our offices in Edmonton, Alberta. Our extensive combined experience as business owners, operators, and management consultants provides us with a comprehensive basis of understanding when it comes to your difficult decisions and complex business problems.


Experience weighs heavily in understanding the full scope of business decisions; as a result, before joining our internal network, our team members must have an extensive background in business operation and management. This ensures that our clients gain the confidence and support that comes with having our all-star business consulting team, being solely dedicated to helping their business grow and expand.


On a rudimentary level, the success of any business is based on a commitment to a vision, goals and strategic plans; however, we also believe in keeping things simple.


We support organizations by providing industry best practices and processes to develop, plan, document and execute a strategic initiative. Our team is by your side through meeting facilitation, mission, goal and vision development for both short and long-term objectives.


At Magnolias, we put focus on value-creating activities. Company management systems such as Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental management systems help you pre-qualify with more clients, protect your business interests and remove the risk to potential investors and buyers.


We put primary focus in the certifications and specifications required for your business industry. Making sure that your investment is utilized to provide the greatest benefit.


Your Business is your Life.

Whether you are in the startup or exit phases of your business cycle, making business decisions is never easy. We want to help make the decisions a little easier by sharing expert advise, mentorship and personal experiences.