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building your company systems from the ground up

Why have company systems?

Company systems are the single most important part of any growing company, and still, very few companies have them. There are a million reasons why it is important to have company systems; however, we like to focus on the big three:

  1. Company Due Diligence: A company board, shareholders and upper management is directly and indirectly responsible for the action of the company and its employees. If there is a legal issue that arises, the company needs to have documented proof of due diligence related to the issue. Company systems can help prove and constantly improve processes to show that due diligence was taken.

  2. Pre-Qualification: With the ever changing competitive landscape of business. It is becoming more important to stay ahead of your competition. The difference between winning a bid can be the difference between having a extra certification that your competitor does not. Company systems and certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 prove through third party audit, that your company operates with a International Standardized Quality Program. This will offer credibility to your company that is sure to be taken into consideration by your clients.

  3. Value: Company systems add tremendous value to investors and potential purchasers of your company. To remove risk, they always want to make sure that the company can run itself if required. This removal of risk as well as minimization of work when taking over the company, provides tremendous value that will not be overlooked in the overall sale price.

How we can help?

A Magnolias system manual and implementation plan will set you up to have a working and meaningful company system, designed specifically for your company. Following a simple consulting meeting to see what your company already has in place, we will create a Gap Analysis report to let you know where you can improve. Then we will tailor make a plan and program that fits with your company and goals.

We are capable of making any program to meet any standard. Within the North American business sector our most popular systems asked for include:

  1. Company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  2. ISO 9000 Quality Management System (QMS)

  3. Certificate of Recognition Health and Safety System (COR)

  4. ISO 14000 Environmental Management System (ESM)

  5. Company Orientation / Training Manual (ORM)

  6. ISO 31000 Risk Management System (RMS)

Quality Manuals

We provide quality manuals and implementation services. We build them to a variety of standards; however, most commonly, we build the systems to comply with  ISO 9001:2015. Contact us for a consultation visit and a Gap Analysis of your current system.

HSE Manuals

We provide Health and Safety Manual services for our clients with dedicated safety professionals. We will build your manual and system to local requirements, ISO 18001 and to Certificate of Recognition (COR) specifications. We can also make sure you are prepared for audits with third party audit services of your office or facility.

Environmental Manuals

With the ever changing environmental regulations and customer expectations, it is important to have a environmental system to manage expectations. We build systems to your local jurisdictional requirements and to ISO 14001.

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

Standard procedures are the most valuable part of any business and ensures that employees have procedures to follow for everyday activities. It also removes risk to potential investors and successors who will have confidence that they can run the business when you are not around at all times.

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